Archeage unchained commerce

Archeage unchained commerce

The proficiency system in Archeage is a complex collection of different skills. Yet it lacks importance, such as the industrial system in Eve Online has. Having said that I still find it personally enjoyable to mess with and some proficiencies have the possibility of earning silver which is on par or even greater than farming pouches.

It can also be a welcome break from constant grinding. There are 22 different proficiencies in Archeage Unchained. The proficiencies are divided into three groups and you can level each proficiency up by ranks. For example, The Alchemy and Metalworking proficiencies in the image below are at rank 1 which is the novice rank. You level your proficiencies by spending labor points on tasks requiring that proficiency.

If you use 10 labor points on mining, your mining proficiency goes up 10 points. If you spend points on construction, then construction goes up by that amount. So in a nutshell, proficiency experience rises as you use your skills. Each proficiency has the same ranking system where you need ever-increasing experience to move up a rank.

The ranks and the experience needed to reach that rank are:. Each rank comes with benefits regarding XP increase, labor cost and production time. Note however that you do not gain these benefits until you have maxed out the respective rank. From this window, you can also see the benefits you gain from a higher rank. The combination of XP increase and labor cost reduction is really enticing as there is virtually no limit on the XP need for this game since Ancestral level 55 requires such a ridiculously large amount of XP.

Because of this, focusing on a single or few vocations can also help with leveling your character level. Another interesting thing about the ranking system is the fact that you cannot max out all the proficiencies. There is a limit to how many proficiencies you can advance beyond amateur rank and also a limit on how many proficiencies you can rank all the way up to Famed. If you look at the Rank Detail window again you will see that next to the rank name is a number in a parathesis.

This number indicates the max number of proficiencies that you can have at this rank. Because of this, it is important to remember that when you reach the proficiency required to advance to the next rank you need to manually accept the rank increase.

Proficiency Guide – Archeage Unchained

If you do not do that you no longer advance in that rank, which may be what you want for certain professions as you cannot rank every profession to famed status. Proficiencies are also separated into three types. These are harvesting, crafting and special. What this means is that you can only have two harvesting, three crafting and 2 special proficiencies at maximum rank, with each requiringexperience points.

Gettingproficiency points in a single proficiency will take a lot of time. It will take days of natural labor generation if you only use your labor points to that one proficiency. You can increase it by using a Specialization Snowflake. This is an item sold by a general merchant and costs gold. It increases the total number of specializations and also the number of proficiencies you can have at a higher ranking. I am not sure that there is a limit on how many snowflakes you can use, but I would expect there to be some.

What I do know is that each use increases the snowflake requirement for any following use. For example, the first increase only needs a single snowflake. The second increase will require two snowflakes, and so forth.

There are several pieces of gear that can increase the proficiency score of certain vocations.In Archeage, trading is one of the cornerstones of the economy. It is a way for players to turn farmed goods into gold in a direct manner. While the basics of trading in Archeage are simple enough, it is a long and complex journey to become a master trader.

You will not only need to understand how to make trade packs and deliver them but also understand how to maximize the profit of each pack and how to transport them efficiently.

Trading revolves around the creation, transportation, and delivering of trade packs. What trade packs you make, where you make them and how you transport them all have an effect on the profit you can make from trading. But first, you need to be able to make a trade pack. Trade packs are made at Speciality Workstations. These can usually be found near community centers in every region and often in additional locations within the region.

Each Speciality Workstation has the ability to create specific trade packs that are native to the region it is in. For example, the Speciality Workbench in Dewstone can produce the following trade packs:. Each trade pack requires certain materials and labor points, and some of them require Gilda stars as well.

How To Change Factions With The New Exile System (Archeage: Unchained)

You can see the materials requirements in the Specialty Workbench interface by selecting a trade item. The materials required are most often materials you get from farming activities, such as flowers, herbs, and fruit, and produce you get from processing these farming materials, such as medicinal powder and orchard puree. To produce a trade pack you need to have the required materials in your inventory. You will also need some money and usually 50 to 60 labor points.

Once you make a trade pack it is placed on your back and you become encumbered by it. Therefore you should not make a trade pack unless you can either store it safely or deliver it. Every trade pack made needs to be delivered to a Speciality Buyer in one of three regions on each continent. Once you reach a Speciality Trader he or she will offer to buy your pack for a set price. Note that you do not get the money right away. How much you get for a trade pack depends on a few factors. Such as, how many trade packs have already been delivered to the Speciality Buyer, the distance from the Speciality Buyer to the region the trade pack was originally made, what trade pack you are selling, and how old it is.

archeage unchained commerce

The age of the trade pack affects the amount of gold offered for it by the Speciality Buyer. There are four different types of trade packs. Luxury, Fine, Commercial, and Preserved. You can see from the table below how time affects the value of these trade packs. Luxury packs sort of need to be delivered right away, while preserved packs can really be delivered within 24 hours without losing much value. Here is a spreadsheet with information on the base value of a trade pack and information on how to calculate the actual value due to the in-game demand percentage.

This is the crux of trading. Being able to calculate the cost of a trade pack, how much time and labor it takes and compare it with other activities to maximize profit is what separates an amateur from a master. And until someone makes a handy tool this takes math and spreadsheets. What I do is set up a spreadsheet where I have the auction house prices of the trade pack materials in one sheet. Then I have the recipes for the trade packs on another sheet where I calculate the cost of each pack.

I then compare it with the gold offered for a pack.As part of the Unified Community Platform project, your wiki has been migrated to the new platform. Read more here.

Trading Guide – Archeage Unchained

A production skill focusing on creation of Trade Packs and Auction House sales. Commerce mainly focuses on the act of creating and turning in Trade Packs. There are two main types of cargo that can be traded.

Cargo is a special type of trade pack that is designed to be taken to another continent and turned in at specific zones and locations. Players cannot craft Cargo, and can only buy Cargo from one of the cargo sellers on either Nuia or Haranya. Cargo will take 75 Labor to purchase from the cargo seller, and the price of the cargo is based on how many cargo packs have been purchased and if enough specalties were turned in at that specific zone, as it requires normal specialties, fertilizers, and Aged larders to reduce the price of the cargo pack.

To see a list of all craftable trade packages and the resources needed to craft them, please see Trade Packages. Sign In. From ArcheAge Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Category : Crafting. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit History. This page was last edited on 7 Februaryat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Dragon Essence Stabilizer. Elite Merchant's Cushion. Bird's Eye Telescope.There are many ways to make money in ArcheAge but delivering trading packs is one of the most interesting. A Trading Pack is a package of goods created by a player with the "Commerce" profession.

Once the pack is made, your character carries it on his back and can deliver it to the other location in order to sell it and make money. As you can see, the general mechanics are simple but many players see it as a difficult way to earn gold or Gilda stars. If you know what to produce and where to deliver it, "Commerce" can bring you a lot of money. This guide will help you to understand the mechanics of Commerce in ArcheAge.

The first thing you need to know is how to create a package in order to sell it for profit. First of all, you need a special Merchant Certificate.

archeage unchained commerce

This certificate can be bought for 50 silver coins from the Crafting Merchant. After you get the certificate you need to gather resources for crafting. Different packs require different resources and a list of required resources can be found in the "Commerce" crafting menu. After you collect enough resources and have purchased the certificate you need to find a special workbench.

The easiest way to find a workbench is to use map. Open your map and tick Infrastructure - Speciality Workbench from the filters on the right. This will display what you need. All crafting actions in ArcheAge require labor powerand "Commerce" profession is no exception. When a pack is finished it restricts your character, decreasing their movement speed. This makes you an easy target for all ranged enemies. Due to your restricted speed they will attack you with their abilities from distance giving you a disadvantage.

After the package is created your character carries it on his back. Now the task is to deliver it to the other province to sell it.

But there is one difficulty: like explained earlier, your movement speed with goods is very slow.

archeage unchained commerce

Many players prefer to use horses to deliver cargo as they think that a horse is the best mount for this. But it's a big mistake guys! There is a special mount for merchants — donkey. A donkey is one of the best mounst for delivering trade packages because of it's movement speed.

Just compare: if you carry a trade pack your horse will move 1. Which makes them even more superior to horses.Quest: First Fisherman. Quest: Smarty Pants. Quest: Team Player. ArcheAge Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 20 Apr am. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Genres: RPG. Platforms: PC. Developers: XL Games. Publishers: Trion Worlds. Release Date: September 16, Table of Contents. Proficiency: 20, Alchemy. You are a magnificent alchemist. Proficiency:Alchemy. You are a magnificent artist.

Proficiency:Artistry. Proficiency: 20, Carpentry. Quest: Hammertime. You are a magnificent carpenter. Proficiency:Carpentry. Proficiency: 20, Commerce. Quest: Supreme Silvertongue Proficiency: 50, Commerce. You are a magnificent trader.

Proficiency:Commerce. Proficiency: 20, Construction. You've put a lot of time and effort into your properties, and it shows. Quest: Galegarden Gardener. Quest: Building Character. You are a magnificent architect. Proficiency:Construction. Quest: Sweet Arts. Quest: Title: Taste Tester. Proficiency: 20, Cooking. Quest: Master Cook Proficiency: 50, Cooking. You are a magnificent chef.

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archeage unchained commerce

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Trade Packs and Routes - ArcheAge Commerce Guide

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